Teacher sex fantesies

Young teachers and old studends or vice versa. Every old man has a fantasy to fuck his young student and here it can become true.

Oldje Lessons with Irina Cage, Eddie Montana

Oldje Lessons with Irina Cage
Irina Cage is eager to learn Hungarian from her experienced teacher Eddie Montana. Starting with the basics, the two bond and get closer as the old man teaches her how to flirt. They start making out on the couch and in... [Video & Pics]

Tempting The Teacher with Diane Chrystall, Hans

Tempting The Teacher with Diane Chrystall
The teenage girl's bedroom, a place where she spends most of her time touching herself... Here we find Diane Chrystall, horny and about to meet her new German teacher, Hans. Babe is in no mood to learn and to keep Oldje... [Video & Pics]

A Young Fast Learner with Mia Navarro, Peter

A Young Fast Learner with Mia Navarro
Mia might not speak English so great, but she knows the essentials: blowjob, sex, pussy, dick, boobies and more sex. She knows that fucking her Oldje teacher is the only way to pass the exam, so she doesn't hesitate to be... [Video & Pics]

Young Girl, Old Principal with Lolly Small, Hugo

Young Girl, Old Principal with Lolly Small
Principal Oldje has a bad girl on his hands and must take care of her misbehavior. Lolly Small comes into his office and is warned by Oldje that she will be expelled. Her clothes are not OK for school, she does... [Video & Pics]

Voulez-vous coucher avec moi? with Alecia Fox, Phillipe

Voulez-vous coucher avec moi? with Alecia Fox
Newest Oldje's old and young update presents Phillipe and sweet little teen Alecia having fun learning french. Determined to show her old professor her perfect skills the naughty teen does the craziest thing: she fucks the french out of him!!! Her... [Video & Pics]

Sexy Lessons with Suzy Rainbow, Nick

Sexy Lessons with Suzy Rainbow
The old Smutty Professor doesn't have a chance to teach English to rebel teen Suzy Rainbow! In front of this kinky young babe all grammar and conversation fade away, because she wants to know only one word: sex! And to elaborate... [Video & Pics]