Teacher sex fantesies

Young teachers and old studends or vice versa. Every old man has a fantasy to fuck his young student and here it can become true.

Extra Lessons with Jeniffer Stone, Phillipe

Extra Lessons with Jeniffer Stone
Amanda needs extra lessons to pass her exams. Her teacher wants her to pay attention, but Amanda already knows everything she needs...... [Video & Pics]

Geography Test with Kiky, Luke

Geography Test with Kiky
This young student is doing her geography test today. Let's see if she did her homework well... If she fail this test, her old teacher will give her some private lessons...... [Video & Pics]

The Naughty Professor with Sharah, Anndy

The Naughty Professor with Sharah
Jack is Denise's private chemistry teacher. Normally Denise get bad grades but today's experiment have the perfect chemical reaction!... [Video & Pics]

The Daily News with Yllen, Ruby, Eugene

The Daily News with Yllen, Ruby
These two girls are searching for some action. When they see this old man reading his daily newspaper they seduce him for some erotic action.... [Video & Pics]
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