Kitchen porn

Sexual and porn fantasies taking place in the kitchen. Young girls get their pussies wiped and penetrated on the kitchen floor or on the table.

Two is Better with Dyana, Hugo, Andy

Two is Better with Dyana
The Oldje brothers make plans early in the morning, until nympho teen Dyana interrupts them with her young charms. Since they are so much alike, the kinky petite brunette can't decide which one to pick, so she starts flirting with both of them in a hot seduction game. Maybe... [Video & Pics]

The Teen and the Old Cook with Brittney Babe, Jan

The Teen and the Old Cook with Brittney Babe
Brittney Babe recently turned 18yo and is helping the Oldje man in the kitchen by peeling potatoes. It will be her first experience with this mature man and she is slightly nervous about how he feels about her. They start talking and this helps put Brittney at ease, so-much-so... [Video & Pics]

The Key to my Young Pussy with Alessandra Jane, Hugo

The Key to my Young Pussy with Alessandra Jane
The hot young girl, Alessandra Jane is home in the kitchen, washing dishes, when Hugo, the sexy oldje comes rushing to catch the plane to London... In his hurry, the old man is looking for his jacket and for his keys, without knowing that the perverse teen has hidden... [Video & Pics]

Teen Slut Recipe with Kiara Lord, Joske

Teen Slut Recipe with Kiara Lord
Seeing this Oldje cooking without t-shirt makes sweet Kiara Lord horny. So horny that she shouts at this old man when he dares to ignore her sexy and perfect naked body. Now our old man is ready to serve his old cock to this lovely young lady. Old and... [Video & Pics]

Waiting For Ana with Lolita Taylor, Erick

Waiting For Ana with Lolita Taylor
What does a hot, young blonde do when she has no patience waiting for her friend to show up? She starts touching herself, masturbating right there in front of this poor Oldje. She is so horny and willing, but the old man is too embarrassed to even watch her.... [Video & Pics]
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