Teacher sex fantesies

Young teachers and old studends or vice versa. Every old man has a fantasy to fuck his young student and here it can become true.

Sexy Lessons with Suzy Rainbow, Nick

Sexy Lessons with Suzy Rainbow
The old Smutty Professor doesn't have a chance to teach English to rebel teen Suzy Rainbow! In front of this kinky young babe all grammar and conversation fade away, because she wants to know only one word: sex! And to elaborate precisely what she means by learning, the hot... [Video & Pics]

Mr. Teacher, Give Me Sex! with Evelina Darling, Hugo

Mr. Teacher, Give Me Sex! with Evelina Darling
Sweet Evelina Darling needs some private English lesson, but it seems she knows enough words for what she wants: dick, pussy, sex ... She is so horny that she can barely control herself and once the lesson is finished she jump on her poor old teacher: she is kissing... [Video & Pics]

Hot Music Instrument with Anita Berlusconi, Fialucci

 Hot Music Instrument with Anita Berlusconi
As a young music student it is better to have an old tutor that possess more knowledge and knows the underlying secrets of any instrument. But his little student doesnt seem to be very endowed. She is a catastrophe... but there is one instrument she know best: the dick.... [Video & Pics]

Teaching English with Celine Doll, David

Teaching English with Celine Doll
Learning a foreign language is a hard thing! Especially when you are a silly blonde girl! Did you say hard?? She might not be a bright mind, but she knows what hard means! The next second she is humping her old teacher to show him what she knows best:... [Video & Pics]

Examination Day with Gina Blonde, David

Examination Day with Gina Blonde
Patsy (Gina Blonde) is faking to be sick on her examination day. Guess what! Her professor is coming to her house to take the test anyway. No way she will score high, unless...... [Video & Pics]
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