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Natural Sex Remedy with Emily Ross, Hugo

Natural Sex Remedy with Emily Ross
Young and shy Emily Ross breaks the silence she kept for so many years during the doctor`s examination. Standing in front of the old and wise doctor she asks for the natural sex remedy. The Oldje applies drastic measures to help the patient: touching her in all the right... [Video & Pics]

Annual Gang Bang Summit with Lucianna Karel, Anndy, Donny, Hugo, Nico

Annual Gang Bang Summit with Lucianna Karel
Important pharmaceutical meeting for our five Oldje, the magic pill that will make the old men look handsome and full of muscles, is being presented. Old guys are fascinated by the presentation but are suddenly interrupted by a teeny, sexy nurse that is always late. Disturbing the old men... [Video & Pics]

Shut up, Mister Bate! with Jessica Rox, Kent

Shut up, Mister Bate! with Jessica Rox
This old man ends up at the doctor's office to get himself checked. The hot young lady doctor diagnoses Oldje with a very sexy illness: handsome man! And there is only one thing that will make him feel much better. Lucky for him that she is a very experienced... [Video & Pics]

Curative Pussy with Hannah Sweet, Jean Claude

Curative Pussy with Hannah Sweet
He is a 70 years old sick guy. She is a 20 years old gorgeous nurse. She thinks that young pussy is the best medicine for an old man! Our Oldje is so lucky, to be in Hannah Sweet?s care. Her pussy juice is like energy drink for this... [Video & Pics]

Weekly Consultation Fuck with Kiara Lord, Fialucci

Weekly Consultation Fuck with Kiara Lord
What does a Oldje do when he has health issues? The old man gets a check from a hot blonde doctor! This old guy has a new job, but now he has to pass the sexual check-up. That's not an easy job, especially taken into consideration his age... he... [Video & Pics]