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Dirty Santa with Lolita Taylor

They are 143 years old, she is only 20! Christmas is all about good deeds and helping poor young girls like our blonde. Mr Nobel, Santa’s little helper, brings this innocent girl for an Oldje charity. But Santa knows better that she hasn’t been an obedient, nice girl and he suspects that she has stolen... [Video & Pics]

Dummy Housekeeper with Linda Sweet

She is 21 years old, he is 65! Being almost always horny freckled Linda Sweet gained over time the best skills to bring Oldje men to her knees. They lose no opportunity towards having a high blast orgasm- inducing sex. Today, this young hunter girl wants to devour an old man and to get her... [Video & Pics]

Measure My Cock with Barbara Sweet

He is 72 years old, she is only 19! A simple visit to the seamstress leaves Oldje with no clothes on and ends up with his cock measuring the young pussy of sweet Barbara. She assesses every inch of him because everything must fit perfectly! His old dick gets an awesome high class... [Video & Pics]

Hard Fuck Confession with Charlize Bella

They are 71 and 21 years old! Old habits are hard to get rid off, he is an old thief that ends up in the police interrogation room once again, face to face with his “favorite” inspector. He may be an Oldje but he is smart enough not to give up and say that... [Video & Pics]

The Forbidden Room with Scarlet and Linda Sweet

You know when you start looking for a house; especially if you’re an Oldje like me… you just want to pay attention to all details.I want it big and cozy, so I went to see this house, hmmmm not really convinced. And on top of all, there is a forbidden room? The masturbation room of... [Video & Pics]
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